KAAMULAN 08 Istambay sa Malaybalay

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Every year, we celebrate KAAMULAN in Bukidnon with different attracting activities from Fenruary 18 up to its culmination on March 10, the 91st foundation day of the Province of Bukidnon.( CMN )

KAAMULAN signifies gathering of the seven tribes of Bukidnon namely: Bukidnon, Manobo, Matigsalog, Higa-onon, Talaandig, Umayamnon and Tiguahanon for a common purpose.

Malaybalay is there gathering place. ” Pamuhat”, the killing of amblemished chicken wich symbolyzes an accord for peace and unity among the seven tribes, is an important part of the celebration.


this picture was taken by sirc during pamuhat last March 2008 4:30 A.M. Malaybalay city

picture-005.jpg picture-004.jpgpicture-007.jpgpicture-002.jpg

KAAMULAN street dancing 08

Malaybalay ppicture-010.jpgdsdgsdg.jpg





MOTORCROSS flat track KAAMULAN 08 March 6,2008

Jessie Salceda

Jessie Salceda wave his hands during his championship victory in MOTORCROSS 08



Livestock at Capitol during Kaamulan Festival

livestock at KaamulanA Brahman cowSimbrah bullimg_3683.jpgKaamulan livestockimg_3678.jpg

Naa si Joebert sakpan nanguha ug burloloy.hahaha
Not ma gun..Ani and Frankie
Airsoft KaamulanCacan sa TAMBUIK
Jobert the punk showing his very attractive bukidnon tribal design tattoo during our conversation last March 2, 2008
Joberts tattoojoebert
INSOMNIA disco booth 2008
Kaning duha mga adik ug disco
Leah and OOna

Anjong Melendez and his band Dhamo performing at Centro booth with their relaxing reggae during KAAMULAN festival at the Capitol grounds.

Dahmo Dhamo

ending up hung over and empty wallet in a very noisy place hahaha if you have been here youll Know what I mean. this picture is taken inside CANTOCATS booth with thier friendly bar tenders starring si Jb Martinez ani hehe.

Noisy Kaamulan
oona and d dexJB kaamulanVideoke sa kantocats boothJb Matinez in KAAMULAN 08

February 20, 2008 in the Capitol Ground. a nasty evening with the finest Music Artists From outside Bukidnon, have been talking to CDO’s hardcore jongs KBC. playing semi hiphop semi hrdcore musics like Cypresshill and Beastie boys. me I end up with some OPM hardcore cover performance with DEX. heres the pics.

picture-011.jpgKBC on stageKBC3-2.jpg
Kaamulan 08 with dex and bloi

hello world Feb.23 2008 Malaybalay City, weve been very busy celebrating our kaamulan festival. more food,More beers more fun. this is my first blog and I wanted to give you news, pix and more to share with you during the festival of Kaamulan 2008. here are some pictures of the Krusifix band playing at the Capitol ground last Feb.22, 2008

img_3647.jpgKRUSIFIX bandDodong on BassAldrin of KRUSIFIX






Capitol Jam snapshots, taken at GAW’s Booth managed by: Giani and toper Beltran located beside livestock section Capitol ground Malaybalay City

BUKIDNON tribe bugoybugoy CACAN in KAAMULANCudal ClanGianiCris at KAAMULAN 08oona and bloi

Check out this soldiers from BCT jogging in the capitol ground at dawn, this is their routine activity every 4:00 a.m.

Soldiers in KAAMULAN 08

DUMALAHAY Subdivision popular concept of contemporary urban development… live and play in a clean, green,cold climate city within the city location…


Malaybalay News 08

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Murder suspect falls

MALAYBALAY CITY, Bukidnon – Another wanted man who faced murder charge was arrested in Barangay Casisang this city on May 1 at around 2:30 am.

Police report identified the accuse as Jerry Flores, 37, married, resident of Phase 1, Kubayan, Casisang this city.

Flores was arrested by virtue of warrant of arrest for murder and frustrated murder docketed in criminal case no. 12452-02 and 12453-02 respectively issued by Judge Agustin Javellana of RTC 10, Branch 8, Malaybalay City dated May 19, 2003.

Members from the city police station, two barangay officials and Barangay Public and Safety Officers arrested theaccused. The suspect was detained at city police station.

Mel Madera (CMN)

worker from the Philippines’ biggest banana producer on a plantation in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao in late April. Landowners in the coastal plains and low lying hills around the Philippines’ Davao Gulf are cashing in on a surge in demand for fresh fruit from newly emerging markets

(AFP/File/Romeo Gacad)(CMN)

Zubiri eyes “tuba-tuba” project; hits BFI

By Walter I. Balane

MALAYBALAY CITY – The provincial government has planned to reforest thousands of hectares of barren lands with jatropha or locally known “tuba tuba” within the area of the Bukidnon Forest Inc, a plan that has been slammed by church workers of the Diocese of Malaybalay.

Gov. Jose Ma. R. Zubiri, Jr. said Wednesday that in response to the availability of around P10 billion funds from the national government they have planned to plant jatropha (Jatropha curcas sp.) in at least 21,000 hectares of the BFI’s Industrial Forest Management Agreement (IFMA) area.

Zubiri alleged that, anyway, BFI has “disastrous” reforestation efforts in the area.

That is about the whole of the 39,000-hectare IFMA’s “plantable” area estimated at 21,000 hectares.

He said the rising prices of oil signals a shift for alternative sources of fuels.

The governor’s son, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri is an author of the Biofuels Act, which promotes the use of fuel from alternative sources such as ethanol.

But Zubiri admitted he still needs to consult several ancestral domain claimants who are poised to take over the area when the BFI’s IFMA ends in 2016.

The BFI plantation project covers the towns of Impasug-ong, Manolo Fortich, and Malitbog and the city of Malaybalay.

He said he needs to convince the indigenous peoples claiming over the area to choose to cultivate “tuba-tuba” for its economic returns. He said a negotiation with the Philippine National Oil Company to buy the oil from the plantation is in the drawing board.

The provincial government plans to provide the lumads with capital to buy seeds, get farm support such as fertilizer and even living allowance for two years under the Provincial Livelihood Program.

He said the scheme is good for livelihood as the lumads could earn at least P50, 000 to P60, 000 per hectare per year if they plant jatropha.

He claimed, too, that the scheme serves two points; aside from livelihood it is also set to control soil erosion and keep ecological balance.

Zubiri said there is also no need for them to wait for the end of the IFMA in 2016 over the alleged problem of BFI to sustain its operations.

But he said there is a need to plan the scheme “carefully” because there are overlapping ancestral domains claims contesting the BFI area.

He admitted they are still in the planning stage claiming “we are only disabusing our minds.”

“We have to get approval from PNOC that they would buy our tuba tuba,” he said.

He said they want to start with the project right. “We want to make sure; dili ko gusto nga dili (I don’t want this to be not) successful,” he said.

He said however, that Bukidnon should go ahead with other provinces in availing the national government funds.

Zubiri vowed to conduct a public forum to show which areas will be planted in order to clarify that productive areas such as those planted to corn, fruits and vegetables will not be touched.

“But if the owners (the ancestral domain claimants) do not want tuba-tuba, then no problem,” he said.

Newswatch is yet to reach representatives of ancestral domain claimants to get their comments.

But the Diocese of Malaybalay’s church workers resolved last week during the

38th Pastoral Assembly that proper government institutions and officials should make proper consultations before consequent deliberation and decisions on the plan.

Zubiri announced the plan in an interview with radio station DXDB on March 5 in response to a resolution last week by Bukidnon’s church workers to go easy and to conduct “proper consultations” on the plan.

He also clarified the proposal will not touch around 500 hectares of pine trees, which helped provide this city with a cool weather.

The governor admitted he doesn’t favor BFI activities anymore claiming the corporation could no longer sustain its operations. “Sige operate pero wala’y sweldo-sweldo,” (In operation, but could not pay wages).

Zubiri said over the 16 years in BFI’s operations, the firm hasn’t recovered.

Manuel Casiño, BFI general manager, told Newswatch Thursday they have paid wages over sustained operations. But he admitted their on a “hand to mouth situation”.

He admitted that initial replanting operations were in disaster but they have perfected the reforestation project since 1995.

He said BFI has succeeded in replanting at least 6,300 hectares, about half of which have been planted to Caribbean pine trees.

But he also admitted that of the 21, 000 plantable area about 18,000 remains for replanting.

He said the 39,000 hectares cover of the BFI IFMA includes around 13,700 hectares of of virgin forests with native species such as Lawaan.

Casiño refused to give more comments saying they didn’t want a rift with the governor. Zubiri sits as member of the board of directors of BFI. (Walter I. Balane/Newswatch)


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Previews visuals/ glimpse from last year,Maaybalay pics.

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My parents migrated from Talakag Bukidnon to Cagayan de Oro and here  when I was about six years old I could still remember the dew every morning, not like the heat in the city, well anyway Malaybalay city at that time was more Jungle like of course just my Opinion. it is the City of forrest now adays, the fog, the weather I just love it.


  1. sirc-pics-051.jpgSebastian St.temon-nd-pumba.jpg

img_0026.jpgdsc02171.jpgpicture-010.jpgCentro folk hauseimg_0021.jpg



San Isidro Bridge Impalambong Malaybalay City



D family

UPSTA in lutipak..



Gboys paradise NASULI spring and resort is the most popular spring in Malaybalay one of my favorite place. located at Bangcud Malaybalay city. Owned and Managed by Aribal family.

Nasuli springNasuli springNasuliFire in NasuliGboys Motorcycle


Beside Shephereds Midow, good place for relaxing only in Malaybalay

Si Onah
IMPALAMBONG RIVER This river devides the land from the City to Impalmbong @ Casisang.
Hernandez farm, don Popex and Roger’s paradise, owned and manage by Hernandez family maintained by Hernandez Bro’s, they also offer horseback riding for visitors.


Mr. Pete Spencer Maguale the host of the event (left)
Desaparacidos on stage with their hardcore music, expressing positive shout out to support the said event (July 12, 2008 at BSU gymnasium)
Atty. Burt Estrada also participates on stage during the event
Sanchez street where you can find the City police Station in Malaybalay City.
Bukidnon State University Malaybalay City

DUMALAHAY Subdivision Malaybalay City, hailed as the “South Summer Capital of the Philippines” and “City in the Forest”, is a first class component city and the capital and administrative center of the province of Bukidnon, Philippines.